Cheap OLED TVs still "three to four years" away, says Samsung

Written by Edward Chester

January 10, 2014 | 16:48

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Samsung has suggested it could still be quite a while before OLED production ramps up enough for affordable OLED TVs to hit the market.

Samsung's VP of Visual Display Business, HS Kim, told USA Today that it will be "three to four years" before cheaper OLED TVs start to arrive.

Samsung is one of the world leaders in OLED production, pushing the technology with its high-end TVs and using smaller panels in most of its smaller gadgets too. However, ramping up production to produce 30-50in panels at affordable prices is clearly proving problematic.

The news is particularly surprising given Samsung last year predicted that OLED prices would start dropping in two to three years. Clearly things haven't panned out as expected.

“I’m really, really terribly sorry to say this, but it will take more time. I believe it will take around three to four years [for cheaper OLED TVs to come to market]”.

The news will come as a particularly severe blow to those that aren't fans of LCD technology for TVs. For many customers plasma has been the choice for the ultimate home cinema experience but with Panasonic stopping production of plasma TVs last year, and it being likely that LG will follow soon, there could be a significant gap before its spiritual successor comes to market.

Kim also downplayed the idea of using Android in TVs, though he was reluctant to dismiss it entirely.

"From the consumer’s perspective, when they watch TV it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Google or an Android or a Samsung TV", said Kim, before adding "if Android can provide the best optimal viewing experience, then Samsung will provide that."

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