MSI's new single and dual-screen tablets pictured

May 20, 2010 | 08:29

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MSI's latest tablets have been spotted at the DCC event in Fujairah, UAE, and surprisingly not one but two were on show. Firstly is MSI's (we'd hate to say it, but, yes it is, iPad-esque) 9.7in tablet, powered by Intel's Atom CPU and running Windows 7. TBreak claims that it features a capacitive screen and a "minimalist design", but there's still room for a webcam and several buttons on the front, as well as a MicroSD slot and USB port on the side.

Going by previous reports, this model is aimed at the sub-$500 market and will feature an Intel Menlow Zxx class Atom (requiring ~2W of power if you also factor in thechipset). It will likely have 3G and WiFi options.

The innovative dual-screen tablet previously seen at CES is no longer just a concept. It's reported to use Windows 7 and the same Intel Atom backbone, rather than ARM and Android. That's worrying then, given that previous user-reports said the Atom powered dual-screen product ran cripplingly slow, so we hope MSI has taken time the time since CES to tweak it.

That's all the details we have to date unfortunately, and despite our best efforts to woo MSI marketing and obtain a preview, you'll have to wait until Computex for the rest.

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