Intel pre-announces Microsoft's Origami

Written by Wil Harris

March 7, 2006 | 23:09

Tags: #origami #tablet-pc

Companies: #cebit #intel #microsoft

Sean Maloney, Intel's mobility manager, today showed off a device he called the 'Ultra mobile PC', and said that the world "Won't have to wait very long at all" to see the official announcement.

Looking closely at the UMPC device showed it clearly running MTV Overdrive, one of the Microsoft media collaborations with MTV.

Origami is a Microsoft project that is designed to be a mini Tablet PC designed for personal and media use. It's caused rather a lot of speculation and controversy as to what, exactly, it will be.

Maloney said that the device had come out of the drive to shrink the PC architecture and put it in a smaller space. Traditional CE devices, like phones, were unable to connect to the internet adequately because of its constantly changing nature. The adaptability of the PC is crucial to the constantly changing nature of the internet, he suggested.

Origami is due to be officially unveiled at CeBit on Thursday, in Germany.

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