Microsoft delivers first hardware for the Mac

Written by Wil Harris

May 31, 2006 | 18:26

Tags: #comfort-curve #hardware #mac

Companies: #apple #microsoft

Microsoft has announced its first hardware product designed specifically for the Mac - the Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac.

The keyboard has Microsoft's 'Comfort Curve', which is designed to be more ergonomic than the average keyboard, without going as far as the banana-shaped design popular amongst RSI sufferers. The mouse is ambidextrous and uses a laser tracker.

The pack is basically the same as the Wireless Laser Desktop that has already been shipping for a while on the PC. However, this Mac version contains software to utilise the hotkeys in OSX, as well as Mac-specific keyboard symbols, such as the Apple symbol on the Command key (the Windows key on the standard product).

Microsoft says that it is shipping these kits immediately, with an estimated price of under $100. Whilst it looks like a pretty good bundle, the black and silver doesn't exactly sit well with the general Apple white colour scheme.

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