Microsoft adds heatsink to the 360

Written by Joe Martin

June 14, 2007 | 12:34

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been frequently bashed for the so-called 'Red ring of death' problem, caused by cooling problems in the red-hot console. Gamers have resorted to all sorts of tricks to un-brick their beloved 360s, but thankfully Microsoft has finally addressed the issues which, for some, have proved devastating.

Still, those problems may finally be at an end thanks to some modifications Microsoft is making to the console's interior.

Reportedly, Microsoft is now taking returns of the consoles which have suffered from the red ring of death and upgrading them by inserting a new heatsink. The service is confirmed for French and Czech users, with some American gamers reporting upgrades also. Hopefully England is also on the list.

From the photos, the added heatsink seems to be an additional second heatsink and heatpipe combo which is running without a fan directly attached and which is cooling the 360's GPU.

With any luck then, the 360 modifications will continue smoothly on a worldwide basis and will go a long way to making the Xbox 360 a cooler, more stable platform.

If you've found your 360 has been repaired like this then we'd love to hear from you in the forums and, even if not, why not drop us a comment and tell us if you think these modifications are too little too late, or continuing evidence of how much Microsoft cares for its customers.
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