Microsoft announces major Redmond campus expansion

November 29, 2017 | 11:17

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Microsoft has announced an ambitious plan to revitalise its Redmond headquarters, replacing 12 buildings across the East Redmond Campus and building an additional six over the next seven years.

Announced during the company's earnings call, Microsoft's plan for its Redmond campus is nothing short of impressive: Within five years, the company claims, it will have the first of 18 new buildings completed with the remainder being ready for occupancy within seven and covering 9.2 million square feet of new and renovated office space, alongside a two-acre open plaza with space for 12,000 people, a new pedestrian and cyclist only bridge connecting the East and West Redmond facilities, running and walking trails, sports facilities, green space, and an underground 'smart parking' facility.

'Today Microsoft has 125 buildings on our Redmond campus. When this project is complete, our main campus will be comprised of 131 buildings — including the equivalent of 180 football fields of new and renovated space — of modern workspace for the 47,000 employees who work here every day, plus room to expand operations and add up to 8,000 more people,' explains Microsoft president Brad Smith of the plan. 'This project represents a significant investment by the company, will involve roughly 2,500 construction and development jobs, and will take five to seven years to complete. It’s an investment that’s good for our employees, good for the Puget Sound community, and makes good sense for our shareholders. We are not only creating a world-class work environment to help retain and attract the best and brightest global talent, but also building a campus that our neighbours can enjoy, and that we can build in a fiscally smart way with low environmental impact.

The renovations build into a bigger plan Microsoft has for its workers which includes the construction of the Redmond Technology Transit Station, due to open in 2023 and linking to the bridge between the company's East and West Redmond campuses.

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