Samsung targets consumers with new marketing push

May 9, 2012 | 10:34

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Not content with holding the number-one spot in the desktop memory market - ahead of rivals SK Hynix and, should the planned acquisition of Elpida go through, Micron - Samsung has announced plans to more thoroughly advertise its DRAM and NAND flash products.

Traditionally, Samsung hasn't targeted consumers with its advertising; instead, it concentrates on selling the modules to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) for use in their products. While its desktop and server RAM is available at retail, it's the OEM and ODM trade that has pushed Samsung to the number one spot in the market.

The advent of mainstream NAND flash products changed all that, however: with the company manufacturing own-brand SD cards for cameras, tablets and smartphones, it has become more important that its name be known by end-users as well as component buyers for leading OEMs. The news that Micron is looking to purchase Elpida to leapfrog SK Hynix and give Samsung serious competition at the top end of the market is likely to be preying on executives' minds at Samsung too.

The solution: a consumer-oriented advertising campaign featuring a trio of ever-so-slightly patronising characters.

'We are looking to communicate with end users about the core benefits and the superiority of Samsung memory, which can be found in most digital devices today,' claimed UnSoo Kim, vice president in charge of memory marketing at Samsung Electronics. 'Samsung will keep working closely with enterprise and mobile device designers to deliver memory devices and solutions of high quality and efficiency to help consumers experience faster and more innovative applications in their lives.'

The advertising will feature three characters designed to emphasise the difference quality - for this read 'Samsung' - memory can make to their computing experience: Brutus the Battery, Larry the Loading Ball (honestly, that's what it says) and Fiona the Freeze.

Using these three larger-than-life characters, Samsung hopes to convince users to start demanding Samsung-brand memory in their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones - and, hopefully, to start considering Samsung consumer products for their next solid-state drive (SSD) or SD card purchase.

The adverts are currently available on Samsung's Facebook page, while a new microsite dubbed 'Tune It Up' is available on the Samsung website proper.

The sudden shift towards targeting consumers indicates that Samsung isn't taking its position for granted, and well it might not: its rivals are continuing to push next-generation technologies, with Micron the first to announce sample production of DDR4 hardware. Should the planned Micron acquisition of SK Hynix take place, Samsung could find itself with some serious competition in the market.
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