Gigabyte announces Designare series of 32GB memory modules

Written by Jennifer Allen

February 10, 2020 | 13:00

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Previously mentioned at CES 2020 last month, Gigabyte is branching out into high-performance memory with the Designare series of modules. More details have just emerged about the memory. 

Gigabyte is fairly new to memory but it has the right idea already if Designare is anything to go by. Starting out with a high-capacity 64GB dual-channel memory kit that uses 2 32GB modules, you'll immediately note from the picture that these are really rather stylish modules thanks to a minimalist exterior with a black PCB and aluminium heat spreaders. There's no sign of garish RGB lighting or anything else that you tend to see on high-performance RAM. Instead, these look genuinely good. 

They don't just look good either. They offer some fairly decent specs. They can run at DDR4-3200 with 16-18-18-38 timings at 1.35 V and have been tested to work on all of Gigabyte's AMD X570, AMD B450, AMD TRX40, Intel X299, and Intel Z390 motherboards. Gigabyte is quick to note that with the X570 and B450, only 3rd generation Matisse processors can cope with the memory density, though.

Those looking for super high-end RAM might be a little disappointed by these timings, but they're not bad at all given the capacities involved that will affect timings. 

Granted, the true key behind the Designare's success lies in pricing and, well, we don't have any word on that yet. We'll assume the answer is 'not cheap'. For now, the Gigabyte Designare's strength lies in the fact that it looks good and 32GB modules are relatively hard to come by. 

If you've been reading this far and wondering why the name Designare, we can only help so much. It's Latin but it's essentially the Latin word for designate, which makes little sense here. We're assuming that the angle here is that 'design' is a good word for a stylish RAM module aimed at creators, and Gigabyte fancied throwing in a couple of extra letters.

Whatever your viewpoint on the name, I think we can all hope that this is the start of a trend towards simpler looking hardware than we've seen in recent times. After all, just how many LED lights do you need in one case? 

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