G.Skill goes modular with Trident X Series RAM

April 19, 2012 | 13:23

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G.Skill is set to unveil its Ivy Bridge-oriented Trident X Series DDR3 modules, featuring a modular heatsink design which may be familiar to fans of rival Corsair's products.

The G.Skill Trident X Series DDR3-2400MHz modules, described in the company pre-release press information as 'overclocking memory,' supports Intel's latest XMP 1.3 specification - making them an ideal partner for the company's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. Using the XMP 1.3 profile, the modules run at 10-12-12-31T with a voltage of 1.65V - although G.Skill has indicated the family will include other timings and speeds at launch.

The modules themselves are to be packaged in dual-channel kits offering 8GB or 16GB total memory for the Ivy Bridge platform, while those who are running Intel's current-generation Sandy Bridge-E processors can opt for 16GB or 32GB quad-channel kits.

The stand-out feature of the Trident X Series is its modular heatsink design. As well as the main black heatspreader attached to the RAM chips themselves, the modules feature a red heatsink which slides onto the top of the existing heatspreader for improved cooling in cases where vertical clearance over the RAM slots isn't an issue.

It's not an original concept: Corsair's Dominator GT family has offered the same modular heatsink - in the same black-and-red two-tone colour scheme, no less - for quite a while now. Where Corsair's implementation requires three screws to hold the extra sink onto the main heatspreader body, however, G.Skill's version uses a simple sliding mechanism. Whether that translates into less efficient heat transfer remains to be seen.

Update: G.Skill's design still uses screws, it seems. Rather than Corsair's vertical screws, the G.Skill modules use one screw at either end, preventing the upper heatsink block from sliding when you don't want it to. If you want to remove or swap out the upper heatsink, you're still going to have to whip out a screwdriver.

Pricing for the G.Skill Trident X Series is expected to be announced closer to the official launch date of the 4th of May.
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