Adata launches stylish high-performance Spectrix D50 RAM kits

Written by Jennifer Allen

April 20, 2020 | 15:00

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New and stylish high-performance RAM modules are coming, courtesy of Adata's XPG division.

The Spectrix D50 kits will be available in a variety of different sizes from 8GB up to 32GB in capacity. Available in single 8GB and 16GB modules, as well as part of dual-channel configurations, the aim here is to provide a high-end experience while looking rather stylish too.

That's because while they use RGB lighting, they do so in a much more subtle and all-round classier way than most. They sport a solid geometric heatsink design that promises to look a little more refined than the garish RGB lighting we've seen from other components in recent times. Each heatsink has a wall thickness of nearly 2mm for durability with geometric lines and a triangular RGB panel that means they look good from every angle. 

The XPG RGB Sync app and software works with most major motherboard brands including Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and ASRock Polychrome Sync. That way, you can easily switch between 3 RGB modes including Static, Breathing, and Comet. There's also a Music mode so the lighting can sync up with your favourite songs and their beats. Whichever mode you choose, it's a far more restrained style than what we usually see.

The XPG Spectrix D50 isn't just about looks either. The 8GB modules are available up to DDR4-4133 while the 16GB kits go up to DDR4-3600. Adata explains the single 8GB module is clocked at 3,000MHz with CL 16-20-20 at 1.35V while the 2 x 8GB kit comes in at 4,133MHz, CL 19-23-23 at 1.4V. The 2 x 16GB kit clocks at 3,600MHz, CL 18-20-20 at 1.35V. 

When it comes to the higher speed DDR4-4133 kits, their latency is CL19 with an operating voltage of 1.4V. In all cases, the modules support Intel XMP2.0 to make overclocking a little simpler. 

Reports suggest that the lower capacity modules will start shipping any day now with the higher capacity and faster modules expected to be launched later in Q2. No price details have been provided as of yet. 

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