Microsoft releases Media Center update

Written by Wil Harris

October 18, 2005 | 13:58

Tags: #htpc #media-center #update #xbox-360

Companies: #microsoft

Microsoft's Rollup 2 for Windows Media Center is out, and it adds a whole bunch of functionality to the platform. You can go grab the patch from Windows Update assuming, of course, you can pass / hack (delete as applicable) the Windows Genuine Advantage test.

Included in the Rollup is:
  • Support for external DVD changers (so you can have hundreds of discs at your fingertips)
  • A new 'Away Mode' which enables you to do things like recording and updating whilst in a low-power mode
  • Better support for HDTV tuners (if you're in the US, we assume)
  • Support for burning HDTV to standard-def via DVD
  • Supprt for streaming content to Xbox 360 via the inbuilt Windows Media Center Extender in the new console
All in all, a nice few updates, and I'll be grabbing it now. I just hope I can get a 360 sooner, rather than later, to try the new features!

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