Maloney hails the arrival of The Real Mobile 'net

Written by Tim Smalley

June 5, 2008 | 13:51

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At his Computex keynote, Intel vice president and general manager of sales and marketing Sean Maloney talked about the future of the Internet on mobile devices.

He said that, with the help of new microprocessors (such as the Intel Atom) and WiMAX wireless networks, a new era of the Internet will be ushered onto mobile devices. Intel also announced availability of Intel’s Atom processors for netbooks, nettops and MIDs.

The convergence of mobile computers, WiMAX wireless broadband, and powerful, HD-rich computer technologies point to a tremendous growth opportunity,” said Maloney, while talking about how society has an innate desire to be connected and contactable at all times.

He believes that more mobile computers than desktops will be sold for the first time this year because of the introduction of this new class of devices.

Maloney reckons that the introduction of ubiquitous wireless Internet through the deployment of WiMAX networks will make the Internet a more open place and revealed that there are over 281 fixed WiMAX networks being deployed today – the first is being demoed here at Computex on the inter-hall shuttle buses.

While WiMAX certainly has some benefits in some parts of the world, one area where we don’t think it’ll take off particularly quickly is in the UK, especially given the widespread availability of high-speed 3G mobile Internet. That said, it has the chance of getting more traction in other regions where cellular networks aren’t quite as advanced as our own.

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