Lian Li Xbox 360 case is just weeks away

June 5, 2008 | 15:32

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We’ve asked about it relentlessly for the last few tradeshows and every day in between and finally Lian Li confirmed with us today that its Xbox 360 replacement case is just weeks away. Of course, we’ve arranged to have one of the first off the production line so you’ll see the complete, in depth review on bit-tech first.

The case should offer extra air cooling in addition to a quieter 120mm fan – you can choose what you want to run it at. The whole front is a grill to let the air in, so you’ll also be able to see the controller connectivity lights clearly too – although we do still wonder about the access to the little buttons that eject the drive and resync the wireless controllers. Quick swapping the SATA is also out of the question – you’ll have to whip your hard drive right out of its plastic casing: this is, after all, the full daddy of recasing.

Lian Li has also made some improvements to the cost too – it doesn’t think people will be going in and out very often, so it has substituted things like the more expensive thumbscrews for flush ones and made the side panels just a plain sheet of aluminium instead.

If you want something more normal though, then how about the sexy PC-X500? Just like the X2000 we saw at CeBIT this case is taller than it is wide, with everything bar the motherboard and its cards moved up in a separate compartment, however the X500 is also more of a normal size of 23x38x57cm rather than 23x43x67cm.

In addition to the included three speed fan controller there are 2x120mm fans in the front, unhindered by drive bays; your graphics cards now get the maximum cooling possible. There’s also a 120mm in the rear and one up above by the hard drive bays to keep them cool as well.

The styling of the X500 is quite simply phenomenal – you couldn’t get much cleaner, neater and professional, however the “anti-door” people will no doubt still complain.

Lian Li Xbox 360 case is just weeks away Lian Li Xbox 360 case just weeks away Lian Li Xbox 360 case is just weeks away Lian Li Xbox 360 case just weeks away

Away from just cases and into other things: Lian Li has some new hard drive mounts that also encase the drive more securely and mean that now it is tool-less and very easy to pop a drive in or out.

Lian Li Xbox 360 case is just weeks away Lian Li Xbox 360 case just weeks away

In addition this is the best fanbus display we’ve seen yet – the TR5 has a very wide viewing angle meaning it’s actually useful. It doesn’t feature functionally as diverse as other controllers, but it will still handle four fans, four thermal sensors and allow auto/manual/off mode changes. It will be sold separately or possibly bundled with some models, although we don’t have a price yet.

Finally some cases you want (yeah, I’ve read your complaints in my other news posts!), or are these features or cases missing something you want? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.
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