Schenker partners with Gigabyte for new XMG laptops

May 23, 2014 | 10:06

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German laptop manufacturer Schenker has announced a partnership with Gigabyte that will see the company's gaming laptops sold under the XMG brand and offered with fully-customisable internals.

While far from a household name internationally, the company has carved a solid niche for itself in the high-end laptop market in Germany and recently brought its products to the UK as part of its expansion plans. Now, Schenker is going a step further with a partnership with Gigabyte that will see selected models of Gigabyte laptop sold under Schenker's XMG branding - and with extended options for point-of-sale hardware customisation.

The long-term partnership offers something for both parties: Gigabyte has been more successful in marketing its off-the-shelf gaming laptops in the UK than Schenker, while Schenker's point-of-sale customisation options offer greater flexibility than Gigabyte's one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, the new XMG laptops - which will be given the somewhat wordy title XMG Core Series Powered by Gigabyte to differentiate them from Schenker's existing XMG product line - are expected to be a money=spinner for both companies.

'Gamers really put a lot of stock in the performance of their hardware and the ability to customise their products as they see fit,' claimed Robert Schenker, founder and managing director of Schenker Technologies, of the partnership. 'But ever increasingly we have received requests for laptops with a certain element of additional lifestyle-characteristics and a more elegant design. Precisely for this reason, Gigabyte will be the perfect partner for us, with their well-thought design and high-quality quality.'

The new laptops will be sold through the company's dedicated online store in the UK.
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