Microsoft apologises for Surface Pro 4, Surface Book glitches

December 14, 2015 | 11:40

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Microsoft has issued an apology for buyers of its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book convertible devices who have found a 'less-than-perfect experience,' as the company works to fix issues ranging from display driver problems to power management flaws.

Unveiled by the software giant back in October, this latest generation of Surface products is the company's most ambitious yet. In addition to a new Surface Pro 4 convertible tablet, the company revealed its first two-in-one laptop: the Surface Book. Featuring an intriguingly-designed hinge and a magnesium alloy chassis, the device sits at the very top of the company's product tree with a price tag to match. Sadly, those taking the plunge have been reporting a range of issues with both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, ranging from problems with the display driver through to poor battery life and a massive power drain when the devices should be sleeping.

Responding to feedback on the company's Microsoft Answers site, the Surface Team has issued an apology to all owners experiencing issues. 'First, a big thanks to all of our customers for your open and candid feedback on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. For those of you who've had a less-than-perfect experience, we’re sorry for any frustration this has caused,' the company's statement read. 'Please know that we're reading your comments and hearing you loud and clear. Your input is incredibly valuable in helping us address your questions with timely updates and fixes. Since launch, we have aggressively pursued the most pressing feedback. We have already issued a number of updates via Windows Update and are working to issue additional updates and fixes as soon as possible to further improve the overall Surface experience.'

Microsoft has confirmed that a fix for the power drain issue is coming, but is unlikely to arrive before early 2016. A temporary workaround is to disable Connected Standby in the Power Management settings, by changing from the default Sleep mode to Hibernate.
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