AMD goes surround gaming gaga at Computex 2013

Written by Edward Chester

June 8, 2013 | 12:32

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AMD didn't have too many new and exciting things to show at Computex 2013, despite launching a new range of APUs during the event. However, our eyes were drawn to a couple of rather impressive surround gaming demonstrations.

The first used an MSI GX70 3BE gaming laptop to power three Full HD monitors in a typical 5,760 x 1,080 surround gaming setup. It was running Bioshock Infinite at High detail settings and what really impressed was just how playable the demo was, with it running very smoothly.

The 17in, 2in-thick laptop runs both an AMD APU and an AMD HD 8970 graphics card, and even has options for up to three mSATA SSDs to run in RAID 0, alongside a conventional 2.5in drive.

The other demonstration marked our first quality time with a five-monitor surround gaming setup: where the monitors are rotated 90degrees. Here AMD was demonstrating Tomb Raider running at 5,400 x 1,920 on a single HD 7990, again with impressively smooth results at high detail settings.

Using five monitors like this is an extra specially immersive experience as the near semi-circle of tall monitors really does fill your entire view. In fact, particularly with faster-moving mouse-controlled games like Tomb Raider, having the world move so quickly in the periphery of your vision is quite an odd feeling.

AMD goes surround gaming gaga at Computex 2013

The wall of monitors also has a deadening effect on sound, really isolating you from your surroundings and further sucking you in.

AMD may not have the fastest graphics cards at the moment but it has just done a very good job of reminding us precisely what the power of a high-end card can really be used for.
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