Komplett shuts down UK services

June 25, 2008 | 09:51

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Komplett, one of the largest online retailers of PC components and hardware, yesterday announced that it was closing all branches in France, Germany, the UK and Austria.

Vincent Hoogduijn, the European General Manager for Komplett gave an announcement saying that the reason for the closures was because those markets were undersized and Komplett had struggled to establish a large enough footprint in those territories. Though the company had started a campaign of expansion just two years ago, the state of the market has forced Komplett to focus efforts where it believes it can get the most growth.

Apparently those territories don’t include the UK – Komplett is now focusing on expanding markets in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The front page of the Komplett store says, “As of 24 June 2008, Komplett.co.uk has closed down its UK operations. We regret to inform you that it is no longer possible for UK customers to make any purchases from Komplett.co.uk anymore.

The site does however give an email address to the UK customer services who are remaining in place ‘for the time being’ to answer any enquires and warranty questions. The site also says, “We value the customers who bought products from us in the past. Therefore –for the time being, our UK customer service will remain available for enquiries and warranty questions on products bought from Komplett.co.uk.

Komplett says that it will try and get all emails answered within two days. Similar notices have been posted on all their closing stores.

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