Bigfoot Networks, the company behind the Killer line of gaming networking kit, today introduced its new Killer Wireless-N laptop network adaptor.

As ever, the launch has been accompanied by some eye catching numbers, with Bigfoot claiming that the Wireless-N offers transfer speeds up to five times faster than those of standard WiFi adaptors.

This, says Bigfoot, will enable laptop gamers to have the edge over opponents who don't have comparable networking kit, cutting down on latency and lag.

Bigfoot Networks' CEO Michael Howse was also quick to point out that wireless connections are usually unsuitable for other online activities that are sensitive to wireless packet loss, such as VOIP and HD video streaming.

He went on to state that 'with our innovative networking technology and advanced 802.11n hardware, Killer Wireless-N adapters not only accelerate performance for online games, they also reduce stuttering, excessive buffering and other annoyances in video chat and on-demand entertainment services.'

To achieve this performance, the card purportedly uses a number of clever range-enhancing 802.11n technologies to maximise the bandwidth available to the PC, which Bigfoot has developed itself. The card will also come bundled with the Advanced Stream Detect traffic prioritisation technology and Visual Bandwidth Control software, which Bigfoot currently ships with its desktop gaming network cards.

We’ve been pretty scathing in our criticism of the Killer range of network cards in the past, but Bigfoot could finally be onto a winner by targeting the unreliable world of wireless networking, which is often ridden with packet-loss issues. After all, trying to play competitively over a buggy wireless network can be a very frustrating experience.

Do you game on your laptop? Does a wireless card that prioritises gaming traffic sound like it would be useful? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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