Join NVIDIA on the Reality Tour 06

Written by Tim Smalley

November 4, 2006 | 17:22

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By now, I think that most clued up bit-tech readers know that NVIDIA is planning a rather important launch this month.

In conjunction with the launch, NVIDIA is touring the world to showcase its new G80-based graphics cards and its nForce 680i motherboard.

The Reality Tour will be stopping once in the UK on November 11th. The event will go on all day at the Comet store on the Castle Vale Retail Park in Birmingham.

You will have the chance to experience G80 first hand without having to spend significant amounts of cash to do so. Along with that, there will be a series of head-to-head mini tournaments played on machines powered by the newest NVIDIA nForce and GeForce hardware.

NVIDIA also tells us that there will be able to "win NVIDIA products and other great prizes"; by this, we're assuming that there might be one or more G80 cards up for grabs. Finally, there will also be "live cutting-edge demos running the latest NVIDIA technologies".

If you are interested in attending the Reality Tour event in Birmingham (or other events across Europe), you can register over on NVIDIA's UK website. You can find more details about other events happening in North America on the Reality Tour home page.
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