Intervideo brings video to the small screen

Written by Brett Thomas

January 6, 2006 | 07:23

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Here at CES this year, digital video is all the rage. I got a chance to speak with some of the programmers of the company []Intervideo[eurl], who are the makers of WinDVD. While I was at their booth, I got to see a bit of the company's nearly and recently finished projects, as well as a broader understanding of where they're going in the future.

The top of the list was their new involvement with smaller screen technology. Taking your video on the road with you has become a huge market and Intervideo has not sat idly by. I was surprised to learn about their involvement with cellular technology (they actually are the embedded software of choice for photo and video capture and playback in Korea and China), but I was not surprised to see their next great accomplishment: a Windows Mobile media player that transfers your DVDs to the small screen for you, and supports everything from AVI to DivX (who lended a hand in the coding).

The program uses less than 45% of your PocketPC's CPU power, which is quite a surprising achievement with the lack of any chips to assist in encoding. The software has yet to do full-screen landscape mode on Windows Mobile 2003 devices, but player is fully operational on Windows Mobile 5 devices such as Dell's Axim X51v. Their engineers informed me that when the mobile software is completed (expect late first quarter of this year), it should support Symbian phones, WM5, and WM2003SE.

The mobile software also syncs with a newly improved version of Intervideo's Home Theater software, which is meant to provide an alternative to the incredibly-difficult-to-locate Windows MCE. Intervideo redesigned the system practically from bottom to top in light of MCE's rapidly increasing popularity (despite being unable to purchase it directly), offering new features for media servers, content streaming, and a newly designed (and far easier to use) interface.

We'll be giving you a more thorough review of both pieces of software (the currently unnamed mobile and Intervideo Home Theater) in the near future. In the meantime, tell us what you think in our forums. Viva Las Vegas!
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