Intel to announce five Merom CPUs in July?

Written by Tim Smalley

July 17, 2006 | 13:45

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A report in the Commercial Times - a Chinese-language newspaper in Taiwan - suggests that Intel is getting ready to announce five Merom-based Core 2 Duo mobile processors later this month.

This launch is considerably earlier than we were expecting - Intel has repeatedly stated that Merom will not launch until August. Indeed, the article later mentions that sources inside Taiwan notebook manufacturers are still expecting volume shipments of Merom-based notebooks to happen towards the end of August.

There is no word on the specific performance of Merom at the moment, but Intel is claiming that the chips will be 20% faster than Yonah-based Core Duo processors, clock for clock.

Based on that, we are expecting it to perform similarly to the company's desktop Core 2 Duo processors, which were unveiled on Friday morning. Although, it looks like Merom will sport a 667MHz front side bus, meaning that the performance will not be quite as high as its desktop companions.

The line up that Intel is expected to announce later this month includes three 4MB L2 cache chips and two 2MB L2 cache chips, following the same pattern as Intel's Core 2 Duo desktop parts. All chips will be based on the same 65-nanometre fab process that the Conroe and Allendale processors were fabbed on. The rumoured specifications and prices (in 1,000-unit trays) are as follows:

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