Intel's next-gen Extreme Edition is quad core

Written by Wil Harris

February 17, 2006 | 10:43

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Intel's got a new gaming processor in the pipeline, so to speak, according to a report on the Inq.

Intel's current Extreme Edition processor, the 955, is built on its new 65nm process. It's dual core, with Hyperthreading, for a faux-quad-core architecture.

However, the new chip, codenamed Kentsfield, is apparently going to be actual quad core. It is also built on 65nm, and will share some of the characteristics of the new server chip that Intel is developing, Clovertown, which will benefit from less heat and more power and FSB.

Kentsfield was due to hit in the middle of 2007, but now it's been brought forward, and may launch just after Christmas 2006, just as the 955 launched this year after the holiday. The Inq suggests that, should that be the case, AMD could have a fight on its hands when it comes to the fastest gaming processor on the planet.

Do we really need four cores in a gaming processor? As the year goes on, we're going to see more and more games coming out that have dual core processing support, especially as the new generation of games consoles sport multi-core chips. It could be that Intel is hoping to keep ahead of the curve on the core ramp by going to quad core earlier rather than later.

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