Intel Mac gaming benchmarks

Written by Wil Harris

April 12, 2006 | 10:13

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Although they're not exactly clear about what the data means, the guys over at Macologist have some interesting benchmark data from the new Intel Macs.

The benchmarks show performance in Unreal Tournament and Doom 3 running as Universal Binaries under OSX. The comparison is between the Intel iMac, the old PowerPC iMac, the current PowerPC G5 tower and an AMD Athlon 64 machine running Windows, as well as the new Core Duo MacBook Pro laptop.

Although the gaming tests are primarily GPU limited - the MacBook, for instance, only has an X1600 graphics card - it's interesting to see that the results are at least comparable. Mac gaming has been blighted in the past by bad conversion jobs from the PC and the lack of decent hardware in new Macs, with many of the last generation machines still shipping with FX5200 cards from NVIDIA.

Go and check out the results, then give us your own interpretation over in the News Discussion forum. Are you tempted to pick up a Mac now that you can do some gaming either in OSX itself, or by dual-botting into Windows XP?
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