Intel to leave entry-level chipset arena

Written by Tim Smalley

August 3, 2005 | 07:50

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According to sources inside Taiwan motherboard makers, Intel is planning to phase out its i865 and i915PL/GL chipsets and leave the entry-level chipset market later this year.

The move it likely to benefit competitors, such as SIS, ULi, VIA and of course ATI, who predominantly design entry-level or mainstream solutions.

It remains to be seen whether these chip designers will be able to increase their production rates on their cheap and cheerful chipset solutions, as they will need to secure production capacity at the foundries, which are running close to capacity at the moment.

It is also believed that Intel has only told selected tier one motherboard manufacturers and OEM clients about its decision to leave the market and the company is unlikely to make a public announcement.

You can get the full low-down on the situation over at Digitimes.

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