Intel v AMD update and Analysis

Written by Wil Harris

September 9, 2005 | 08:09

Tags: #analysis #lawsuit #x86

Companies: #amd #dell #intel

A quick couple of updates this morning for you on the ongoing shenanigans of AMD's lawsuit against Intel.

The first is that Dell has agreed to AMD's requests to hold on to documents and emails that it might otherwise systematically purge. The INQ reports that Dell has "engaged in good faith efforts" to get relevant details about chip procurement for AMD.

Somehow, Dell's willingness to comply suggests to me that there's nothing in those documents that's going to prove anything about anything to the court.

Crucially, Dell has mentioned that the records of two employees are unavailable. I wonder what was in those files...

The second update is that Scott Wasson, hardware guru over at The Tech Report, has written up a piece of analysis on Intel's response to AMD's decision. The points he picks out and the ideas he has make for some interesting reading.

Here's a quick excerpt for those of you who have been relating the current case back tot he previous Japanese monopoly case:

"Intel's rejection of the JFTC's findings of fact will prevent AMD from introducing the JFTC decision as an open-and-shut example of Intel's illegal monopolistic behavior, and will allow Intel to contest any weight given to the JFTC decision."

Go and take a look, but be aware that it's a pretty chunky bit of writing.

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