Intel's Core i7 CPUs available now

November 17, 2008 | 16:05

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If you are after a Core i7 CPU they are now finally available in the shops and when you consider that it's a high demand product plus the fact we're in rip off Britain, the prices are a bit higher than we expected.

We've done a whip round to get a general idea of prices from major UK online etailers:

920: £259.87
940: £516.02
965: £880.27

920: £264.37
940: £495.84
965: £872.14

920: £252.63
940: £488.28
965: £865.32

920: £281.99
940: £516.99
965: £904.74

920: £246.69
940: £480.58
965: £857.69

Generally that makes the 920 available for about £260 on average, a short stroke away from the $284 per 1,000 in the States. The 940s vary quite considerably in price and averages at about £500 and the 965 Extreme Editions can be had for a crazy £876, although if you're that desperate to lighten the weight of your wallet I'll happily volunteer spending it for you.

In terms of expensive motherboards to drop your expensive new CPU into - the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 can be purchased for "just" £226.72, and it's in stock, and the cheapest MSI is just a nose more expensive at £233.77. The cheapest Asus we could find in our short search was £249.96 for the P6T Deluxe and Overclockers is the only place in the UK to currently list Foxconn's Renaissance and EVGA's X58 for pre-order at £293.74 and £305.49 respectively.

It doesn't stop there though and Asus is determined to set new records of insanely expensive pricing with its Rampage II Extreme, also available for pre-order at £340.74. We can only assume it comes with money off vouchers for a Ferrari and probably a Premiership football club as well.

How do you think these prices measure up for Intel's latest and greatest? Are you temped or have you already bought into it? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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