HD-DVD player is pushed back

Written by Wil Harris

March 27, 2006 | 12:13

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Following the delay of Warner's first batch of HD-DVD titles, which we reported last week, Toshiba has confirmed that it is delaying the release of its first player.

The first movies will be arriving on April 18, and the Toshiba player will not be out until the middle of April, the exact date to be confirmed.

The move comes amid general consensus that a HD-DVD player with no native content to watch wouldn't exactly be a compelling purchasing proposition.

The delay of the format to mid-April shunts it back towards the release of the first Blu-Ray discs and players, which will be arriving in mid-May; this will largely negate one of the advantages backers of HD-DVD believed the format would have over the rival Sony format - time to market.

However, analysts are now speculating that widespread adoption of Blu-Ray will really come with the PS3, which has now been pushed back until Christmas, rather than appearing in the Spring as originally planned.

Are you still planning to pick up a HD-DVD player when they hit the streets, or are you just fed-up of the constant to-ing and fro-ing? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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