Official renders of Asus x Noctua GeForce RTX 3070 shared

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October 1, 2021 | 11:00

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I noticed some previous rumours of an Asus x Noctua collaborative graphics card design last month, but the only info we had to go on was a string of text published in some EEC trade documents concerning a selection of new Asus products including the  'RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA'.

The above text string was a pretty good indication of something brewing between the PC component makers. Asus and Noctua have worked closely before on the likes of the Asus ROG Ryujin 240 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, but that was a low-key collab, with regard to Noctua design, contrasting the new graphics card which positively screams 'I am a Noctua product – look at my owl face'.

Asus Vietnam shared the images you can see on this page, but since it has been a spoilsport and deleted all the images and text, we are lucky that TechPowerUp has saved them all for posterity. Above you can see the owl face of the new RTX 3070 staring back at you, flanked by Noctua and Asus logos, but with its colour scheme firmly plucked from the former's product heritage.

An angled view lets you see how thick this graphics card is. TPU says that this is a triple slot design. Other features we can confirm are that there are three DisplayPort connectors, two HDMI outputs, and dual 8-pin power connectors. A backplate seems to be present, but we don't have a direct view of it, sadly.

The Asus x Noctua design doesn't seem to feature RGB lighting frills, its main attraction is going to be quiet, reliable, functionality. On the topic of appearance, I'm sure some will find it charming, while others will be turned off – but will probably admit it could be a good choice for a quiet performance PC build.

Some idea of pricing was provided by Asus Vietnam, the local currency price converts to approx US$1,140 or UK£850. I hope these cards enjoy a better fate than the Asus Gundam RTX 3080 special editions spotted in Vietnam.

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