Nvidia to provide 3D glasses for all

Written by Tim Smalley

June 1, 2009 | 12:05

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COMPUTEX 2009: Nvidia rather covertly announced that it was to bundle 3D glasses with all of its GeForce graphics cards during its press conference this afternoon.

The idea is that Nvidia wants to show off its 3D Vision technology, but the barrier of entry is currently too high as you need to not only purchase the active 3D Glasses, but you also need a compatible 120Hz monitor.

The bundle will currently set you back around £400, which is a lot for a fairly unproven technology and it doesn’t satisfy those with a penchant for higher resolution screens.

In order to combat this, Nvidia will bundle some cardboard 3D glasses which it says use an Nvidia-designed colour palette that comes from “years of experience in the world of 3D graphics,” said Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. The great thing about these glasses is that they work on any monitor.

Huang demoed the glasses on stage, looking like a complete plonker in the process, before we quickly turned the camera on ourselves. Oh my, what a sight.

The experience wasn’t as good as the one we’ve had with the active 3D glasses, but it’s not a bad experience for free and it’ll serve its purpose as an advert for the £400 3D bundle. Whether or not that will translate into sales is another thing altogether, though.

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Nvidia to provide 3D glasses for all

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