Nvidia's Surround Gaming hit by delays

May 20, 2010 | 10:24

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AMD's Eyefinity multi-monitor technology is generating a lot of interest these days and looks to have the market to itself for a little while longer, following reports that Nvidia's rival technology is experiencing delays.

The Nvidia Surround Gaming technology - which promises a combination of multi-monitor support and Nvidia's 3D Vision - is set to offer competition to AMD's Eyefinity, but according to Nvidia's Tom Petersen the company is now not going to hit its original deadline for release.

In a blog posting - via Tech Report - Petersen states that "the surround driver needs some final improvements" and won't be released as part of the initial 256 driver rollout.

The good news is that while Nvidia gets the last parts of the technology working just so, the slip won't delay things for too long: originally scheduled for an April rollout, the company is now hoping to release a follow-on to the 256 driver branch by the end of June that will bring the Nvidia Surround Gaming technology with it.

While it's not a long delay, the move gives rival AMD more time to push people toward its own Eyefinity technology - even if the displays for such setups are still a little on the expensive side.

Are you pleased to hear that Nvidia's Surround Gaming technology is due for imminent release, or has the delay simply reaffirmed your love for AMD's Eyefinity? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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