Nvidia GT430 cards leak

October 4, 2010 | 13:39

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Details of Nvidia's replacement for the aging GT250 cards, the Fermi-based GT430 budget-range model, have leaked ahead of its official announcement thanks to some over-eager Best Buy employees.

The GT430 range isn't due for launch until the 10th of this month, but employees at Best Buy stores across the US apparently missed a memo - and have been sticking the cards on the shelf ready for sale.

Zorbas, a member of the EVGA Forums, was able to snap some detailed shots of the boxes, including images of the detailed specifications on the side.

It looks like the first models, including the Galaxy-branded version that Zorbas snapped, will feature 96 stream processors, a 700MHz GPU clock and 1600MHz memory clock running on a 128-bit interface.

Interestingly, manufacturers seem to have decided to cut corners on the RAM. Unlike the GDDR5 used in the higher-end GTX460 models, images from an installed card show it reporting 1GB of DDR3 - a fact borne out by labelling on the box. How much of an effect on performance the slower RAM will have compared to the reduced number of stream processors remains to be seen.

With customers reporting that they were able to buy the cards today, Nvidia, and its manufacturing partners, had better get cracking on an official announcement.

Does the GT430 fill you with budget gaming joy, or is the performance likely to be far too low even at a hefty discount? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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