Nvidia adds DSR to latest GeForce GTX drivers

October 23, 2014 | 11:39

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Nvidia has released a new build of its graphics driver bundle, GeForce Game Ready 344.48 WHQL, which adds support for Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) to Fermi and Kepler GeForce GTX desktop graphics processors.

Announced alongside the company's GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 graphics cards, DSR promises to boost graphical fidelity by rendering the game at a higher-than-native resolution before downscaling the resulting image frames for display on any monitor. The result, Nvidia's Andrew Burnes claims, is '4K-quality graphics on any HD screen.'

The software-based feature works, Nvidia claims, on any monitor at any resolution and supports any GeForce GTX graphics card from the 400, 500, 600, 700 and 900 families - although not, it would appear from the company's announcement, the lower-end GT models. The company is positioning DSR as a higher-quality alternative to downsampling, boasting of a custom-made filter which preserves image clarity during the downscaling process. Its main selling point for the feature, however, is its accessibility: 'DSR improves upon [downsampling] considerably by working on all monitors at all refresh rates, by requiring no advanced technical knowledge and no advanced set-up,' claimed Burnes, 'by improving the end-result, and through its one-click integration into GeForce Experience.'

Games supported through Nvidia's GeForce Experience software can be toggled into DSR mode using the spanner icon next to the Optimise button, while additional settings - scaling factor and the smoothness of the downscaling filter - are available for manual tweaking. Nvidia has warned, however, that some games fail to scale the user interface correctly, making text and icons unreadable when DSR is enabled. Some support scaling options in the in-game menus, while others will require manual config-file hackery - with Nvidia pointing users to the PCGamingWiki for information on the latter.

The new driver bundle also incldues improved performance optimisations for SLI multi-GPU rigs, as well as new profiles for games from Elite Dangerous to MechWarrior Online. Full details can be found in the official announcement, along with links to download the driver bundle.
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