Nvidia announces Battlebox 4K gaming programme

October 2, 2013 | 09:07

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Nvidia has announced a programme designed to push sales of its extreme high-end graphics products by encouraging gamers to move to 4K resolution displays under a programme dubbed GeForce GTX Battlebox.

Announced this week in partnership with system builders, the GeForce GTX Battlebox programme looks to encourage gamers to build high-end systems powered by multiple flagship Nvidia graphics boards by espousing the benefits of a move to 4K resolution displays. The programme will see off-the-shelf systems equipped with high-end GeForce GTX 780 or GTX Titan graphics boards in at least two-way scalable link interface (SLI) configurations given the Battlebox branding.

'Each GeForce GTX Battlebox performance powerhouse features GeForce GTX 780 [or] GTX Titan GPUs in 2 and 3-Way SLI configurations, supported by Intel i7 CPUs, advanced cooling systems, high-speed DDR3 RAM to assist with overclocking, and the latest high-speed SSDs, which load the action in record time,' claimed Nvidia's Andrew Burns at the announcement. 'With the performance afforded by such setups, GeForce GTX Battleboxes are ready for 4K Gaming, the ‘next big thing’ for enthusiast PC gamers.'

Each Battlebox is to be sold alongside 3,840x2,160 resolution displays, and will include Nvidia's own customised SLI Bridge - themed, naturally, to mimic the design of the GeForce GTX Titan and featuring an illuminated GeForce GTX 'claw' logo on its surface.

'For the DIY-averse, boutique-built rigs are the perfect choice, making expert use of premium materials and components, wrapped up in customised cases with excellent airflow and modder-esque cable braiding and routing,' added Burns. 'There are many models and builds, but only Nvidia GeForce GTX Battlebox SLI systems are designed to give the buyer a flawless experience at 4K, in [Nvidia] Surround, or when downsampling from 4K to another resolution on an older 1920x or 2560x panel.'

Confirmed Battlebox partners in the UK are Chillblast, Computer Planet, CyberpowerPC, CCL, DinoPC, PC Specialist, Overclockers UK and Scan.
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