Matrox announces nine-output C900 graphics card

February 4, 2016 | 11:38

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Niche graphics card company Matrox has announced the world's first PCI Express board capable of driving an impressive nine displays simultaneously: the Matrix C900.

Founded in Quebec in 1976, Matrox began life producing graphics cards for Altair bus computers. In the 1980s, its focus shifted to IBM compatibles and it launched a range of accelerated 2D and 3D graphics cards which proved popular but were ultimately supplanted by products from rivals 3dfx, ATI, and Nvidia. Despite various attempts to re-enter the enthusiast market - such as the Matrox Mystique, also known as the Mystake, the G400, and the high-priced Parhelia - the company would eventually admit defeat and refocus on the professional graphics market. The result: a market share measured somewhere below 0.1 per cent, but a surprising popularity in the niche of multi-display setups.

Following on from devices like its TripleHead2Go, the C900 is an add-in graphics card which is capable of driving nine 1920x1080 display panels at 60Hz. Taking up a single expansion slot and drawing just 75W, the card includes 5GB of memory and nine mini-HDMI connectors and can be paired with a second card in the same system to drive 18 simultaneous displays.

Naturally, the company isn't positioning the board at the enthusiast market; instead, it's claiming that that C900 is the ideal card for driving video walls for retail, entertainment, corporate, or security use, and predicts that a 3x3 layout will prove its most popular application.

Matrox has not yet released pricing for the C900, but will be demonstrating the board at the ISE 2016 event in Amsterdam next week.
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