EVGA offers 'free' PowerLink with GeForce 10-series cards

October 4, 2016 | 09:52

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EVGA has announced its latest attempt to make its graphics cards stand out from the competition: a 'free' PowerLink accessory with every Nvidia GeForce 10-series graphics card sold 'for a limited time.'

High-end graphics cards have for years exceeded the power available via the PCI Express slot, necessitating four-, six-, eight-pin, or even multiple connections to the system's power supply. These power connectors are, naturally, fixed in place on the PCB, and while it's possible to modify a graphics card in a variety of ways to fit in with the theme and layout of your particular build these power connectors have largely been a fixed factor requiring your cable management to kowtow to the individual manufacturer's whim.

That's where, EVGA claims, the PowerLink comes in. Designed to connect to the fixed power connectors on the company's Nvidia GeForce 10-series graphics card, which have the power connectors on the top edge of the board, the PowerLink allows you to reroute the cables to come from the lower-rear. As well as neatening things up, EVGA claims installations using the PowerLink adaptor can expect to benefit from improved case airflow, improved power quality thanks to integrated solid-state filtering capacitors, and suffer from fewer tangles in less-standard slot layouts.

There are, however, a few caveats to EVGA's offer of a 'free' PowerLink for all GeForce 10-series owners. Chief among these is that the hardware doesn't come physically bundled with the cards and must instead be ordered separately, which requires the recipient to pay an as-yet unspecified fee for shipping and handling. The deal also places an upper limit of four adaptors per customer, even if you own more than four EVGA GeForce 10-series graphics cards.

Full details, including information on how to place your claim ahead of the PowerLink's November shipping date, can be found on the official website.
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