Battlefield 4 Mantle update released, AMD drivers missing

Written by Edward Chester

January 30, 2014 | 18:43

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The much anticipated Mantle update for Battlefield 4 is now available but unfortunately no-one can try it as AMD hasn't yet released the compatible driver.

Johan Andersson, one of the Technical Directors of the Frostbite engine team at DICE, the developer of Battlefield 4, took to the Battlefield 4 website to announce the update early on 30 Jan. However, some seven hours later the option to turn on Mantle is still unavailable as AMD hasn't made available the required version 14.1 beta drivers.

Quite what the mix up has been is not yet known but the announcement has seemingly caught not just journalists and the public by surprise but AMD itself.

The release marks the official unveiling of Mantle, with Battlefield 4 being the first game to use the new API. Also available today is a demo of StarSwarm, a spaceship fighting game, which also takes advantage of Mantle. StarSwarm should be available to download on Steam at 8pm GMT.

Mantle is AMD's new API that it claims can help improve performance, compared to existing cross-platform APIs like DirectX and OpenGL, by providing more direct access to AMD CPU and GPU hardware. In Battlefield 4 the company is claiming performance benefits of up to 58% in singleplayer mode on a multi-GPU rig, 25% in a high-end single GPU rig and up to 14% when used with the AMD 7850K Kaveri APU.

We're poised to start benchmarking as soon as the drivers become available. We just hope it's soon...
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