AMD's GPU market share creeps up once more

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 2, 2020 | 15:00

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Jon Peddie Research has just released a report into the overall market outlook for GPU shipments, and it's looking great for AMD. 

The report looked at the outlook for the market during Q4 of 2019, and noted that AMD has achieved a growth of 22.6 percent in shipment volume for the last quarter of 2019, compared to the same quarter in 2018. In contrast, main competitor Nvidia, saw a decrease in its shipments during the same quarter of just under 2 percent, with Intel showing a 0.2 percent increase.

Overall, this meant that AMD's overall market share improved by 3 percent leaving AMD now in control of 19 percent of the GPU market share, with Nvidia just behind on 18 percent. That still leaves Intel with the huge market share of 63 percent but it's safe to say that AMD and Nvidia are competing with each other right now, before working on gaining on Intel. 

Confused as to why Intel has such dominance? Don't forget, we're talking GPUs of all kinds, including integrated and discrete-GPUs which explains why Intel is performing so strongly. In part, it can also explain why AMD is doing better than before too, when you take into account its mobile processor and APU sales. 

It's a slightly different story, of course, when you look at discrete GPU market share. Nvidia rules the roost easily here with a 73 percent market share compared to AMD's 27 percent, but it's still interesting to see how AMD is slowly creeping up in dominance. 

Alongside the GPU report, Jon Peddie Research also found that the overall PC market has increased by 1.99 percent quarter-to-quarter with an increase by 3.54 percent year-to-year. The research firm is cautious with projections for coming quarters though.

In a statement, Jon Peddie, President of JPR, explained, "this is the third consecutive quarter of increased GPU shipments, However, Q1 which is seasonally flat to down may show an unusual dip because of supply chain interruptions from China due to the Coronavirus epidemic. 2020 is going to be a game-changer with Intel's entry into the discrete GPU market and a possible fourth entry by an IP company."

It's a fair point. It's nearly impossible to predict just what the Coronavirus will do to the industry in the near future, and Intel's progression with discrete GPU technology could be a fascinating change of events. 

For now though, it's promising news for AMD which seems to be continuing its great run for a while to come.

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