AMD details Never Settle Forever bundle

August 14, 2013 | 10:04

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AMD has announced the next iteration of its Never Settle game-bundling programme, dubbed Never Settle Forever - and including an interesting element of gambling which could result in bonus games for those who demonstrate patience.

The latest blow in an ongoing value-added war between AMD and its graphics rival Nvidia, Never Settle Forever takes over from Never Settle Reloaded to offer those picking up selected Radeon HD graphics hardware free games. As usual, the games are Windows only and come in the form of a code valid for redemption following a qualified purchase from a participating retailer.

This time, however, AMD is recognising that gamers are likely to already own the more popular titles in the bundle - and as a result is offering a mix-and-match service, whereby gamers can pick up to three games from a list of recent releases. Considering that AMD forbids the sale of duplicate or unwanted download codes - not that gamers have let a little thing like terms and conditions stop them from doing exactly that - it's a smart move, but one that hides a reduction in the number of provided games compared to the previous bundle.

The offer is split into three tiers: Radeon Bronze Reward, for those purchasing a Radeon HD 7790 or Radeon HD 7770, offers a single free game from a selection of seven; Radeon Silver Reward, for the purchase of any Radeon HD 7800-series board, offers two games from a selection of nine including the seven from the Bronze level; and Radeon Gold Reward, for those splashing out on a Radeon HD 7970 standard or GHz Edition or Radeon HD 7950, offers three games from a very similar selection of nine - but with the Silver level's Sleeping Dogs option swapped out for the Tomb Raider reboot.

AMD has also suggested that additional titles are to be made available as options, with the Never Settle Forever bundle evolving as new games are released throughout the year. The programme is valid until the 31st of December, but each individual redemption code can only be used once - meaning if you redeem the code as soon as you get it, you may miss out on the chance to snag a free copy of a better game further down the line.

This introduces an interesting element of gambling: if you hold on to your code you have a chance of receiving a newer or more desired game, but when that game gets added to the list it's possible an existing game you were hoping to redeem will be bumped off. The one-time redemption also means that all three games will need to be chosen at a single time; it's not possible for a buyer to reserve a single game and wait to choose the other two.

Currently, the Never Settle Forever bundle is only valid in the US, with AMD promising international details soon on its official microsite.
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