AMD Mantle Battlefield 4 demo shows 45% performance boost

Written by Edward Chester

January 9, 2014 | 13:33

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AMD has demonstrated the Mantle-optimised version of Battlefield 4 and claims it provides up to a 45% performance boost compared to the standard game running on the same hardware.

The demo was shown at the company's press conference at CES 2014 where Matt Skynner, Vice President and General Manager for Graphics, introduced a clip showing a short section taken from the singleplayer campaign where the player is battling across the deck of the USS Valkyrie.

No specifics about the hardware or the game settings were provided about the demo, though it can be seen from the video below that the reported resolution is 1,920 x 1080 (1080p) and that two GPUs are being used to deliver a framerate of generally above 60fps, though the reported framerate does dip to below 40fps on occasion. The game also appears to be running in at least the 'high' graphics mode, judging by the details visible and our experience of the game.

Mantle is the company's new graphics API that it hopes will provide performance improvements for games by allowing more granular access to the company's hardware. Although a proprietary technology, AMD is leveraging the fact it has silicon in both the PS4 and Xbox One to push support for it.

The API is so far being supported in three game engines: the Frostbite 3 Engine of Battlefield 4 and other EA titles, the Asura Engine, and the Nitrous Engine. The resulting games that we know of that will support the API are Battlefield 4, Thief, Star Citizen and Sniper Elite 3, while AMD says there 5 developers involved and 20+ games in total on the horizon.

The full video of AMD's press conference is available below. Skip to 30mins 30secs to see the Battlefield 4 Mantle video.

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