RAM disk add-in card - Gigabyte's fast data storage

Written by Tim Smalley

May 31, 2005 | 09:45

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We managed to grab some shots of a relatively inexpensive RAM Disk solution that is set to revolutionise the general speed of loading games and your operating system.

Gigabyte, the company behind this exciting new product, are believed to be aiming the product at users who do a great deal of image and video editing, allowing for super fast data transfer that will outgun even the fastest SATA hard drives out there.

We ran some benchmarks on the drive, and found that it was over twice as fast as a typical SATA drive. The card uses a standard PCI slot for power, while all data is transferred across a SATA cable.

The add-in card currently supports up to 4GB of DDR1 memory, and we understand that it is possible to link two cards together for a RAM Disk with a RAID array. That should prove to be interesting, and we wonder what transfer speeds could be achieved with two of these cards together.

We'll leave you with a few pictures...

Typical SATA Hard disk drive:

Gigabyte RAM Disk drive connected to same controller:

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