Gigabyte's P965/G965 boards now support quad-core

Written by Tim Smalley

October 10, 2006 | 09:06

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Gigabyte has announced quad-core support for its entire line of P965/G965 motherboards, including the awesome GA-965P-DQ6 that we reviewed last week.

If you haven't already checked out our review and you are looking to invest into a new Core 2-based system, we serious recommend you take a look, because it's arguably the best P965 motherboard out there at the moment.

Add that to the fact that P965 now supports ATI's CrossFire technology and it may well be the best Core 2 motherboard out there, period.

With the latest F6 BIOS revision, you will be able to fully utilise Intel's upcoming Core 2 Quad processors on the flagship GA-965P-DQ6 model. The other boards in Gigabyte's P965/G965 lineup will support Core 2 Quad CPUs after the following BIOS updates:
  • GA-965P-DS4 - BIOS F6 or later;
  • GA-965P-DS3 - BIOS F7 or later;
  • GA-965P-S3 - BIOS F6 or later;
  • GA-965G-DS4 - BIOS F2 or later;
  • GA-965G-DS3 - BIOS F5 or later;
  • GA-965G-S2 - BIOS F2 or later.
Since quad-core support is embedded in the P965 chipset, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that all motherboard manufacturers with P965 designs should be able to support Core 2 Quad processors after a BIOS update. However, the increased power requirements will mean that overclocking isn't likely to be quite as successful if the boards are using anything less than a 6-phase power design.

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