GeForce 6800 GS well under MSRP already

Written by Tim Smalley

November 8, 2005 | 21:11

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Yesterday, NVIDIA announced the GeForce 6800 GS - a new mainstream video card that performs very closely to the success story of last year: NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 GT. It comes with a suggested retail price of US$249 or £169 (inc VAT) in the UK. However, we didn't think that we would see NVIDIA's latest addition to its armoury already selling below its MSRP.

You can pretty much throw that MSRP right out of the window as the video card is already in stock at $199 on ClubIT in the US, and is listed £145.30 at in the UK.

For those of you who haven't read bit-tech's review, you can catch that here. Anyone who is on a budget, but looking to build a PCI-Express based system in the next few months should definitely give our review a read.

There's also another very good review - based around a similar format to ours - by our friends at HardOCP. They've chosen to compare the GeForce 6800 GS to the Radeon X1600XT 256MB. Radeon X1600XT has the same MSRP as the GeForce 6800 GS, but it will not be available until the end of the month at the earliest.

XFX have also launched a GeForce 6800 GS XXX Edition, which is clocked at 485/1100MHz, compared to the stock 425/1000MHz clock speeds. Ebuyer have this video card available for under £180 - that's cheaper than a GeForce 6800 GT, and delivering more performance too. Here's a snip explaining the meaning of the new XXX series video cards from a recent XFX press release:

"Products marked with the label XXX have a new level of graphics performance and experience. During selection of the components, the absolute top is being separated from the masses, including the GPU's. During the production, only the best yield [top 10%] has been selected to go forward into the XXX production. During this extensive tuning process, the products are being pushed to the max and then made ready for the assembly process. This is why we have called this level of graphics cards eXtreme, eXtreme and eXtreme again, visualised into the 'XXX' logo.

The three X's stand for eXtreme overclocking, eXtreme performance and eXtreme cooling."

Whether you've got £145 or £180 to spend on a new video card, there are some clear choices laid out here by NVIDIA's board partners that compete very well with the overclocked HIS X800GTO iTurbo, the Radeon X800XL, and the Radeon X1600XT that we've not looked at just yet.

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