GeCube announce two 512MB X700's

Written by Tim Smalley

May 11, 2005 | 13:16

Tags: #ati-radeon-x700 #x700-pro

Today, Info-Tek Corp., the production supplier for GeCube, announced the release of two variants of a Radeon X700 with a 512MB frame buffer. The cards are known as Radeon X700 Professional video cards, and feature a core clock speed of 400MHz, which is slightly slower than the Radeon X700 Pro 256MB video card, which is clocked at 425MHz. The card features 8 pixel pipelines, 6 vertex shaders and support for Pixel Shader 2.0b. We reviewed a couple of 256MB X700 Pro's a while back, finding that the 256MB frame buffer wasn't necessarily required in today's titles, and could possibly have been substituted for a 128MB frame buffer, while reducing the retail price of the card.

There are two editions of this new 512MB X700 Professional from GeCube: one comes with a more conventional heatsink/fan design that is similar to what you would expect of a video card cooler, while the other comes with a heatpipe design that has been used to form GeCube's SilentCool series of video cards.

The GeCube Radeon X700 Professional 512MB SilenCool series video cards include GeCube's advanced SilenCool Heatpipe design for drastically reduced noise generated by more conventional performance mainstream video cards, thus providing users with a noise free operating environment. The design is a single slot cooling solution, with the majority of the cooler on the back of the video card, allowing for other add-in cards to be placed in the adjacent slot to the video card.

The cards will be shipped on the PCI-Express interface and should be available some time in May, starting at an estimated street price of around £125 including VAT.

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