Single-slot GeForce GTX 460 photos appear

Written by Paul Goodhead

November 9, 2010 | 12:26

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UK-based video review site eTeknix is reporting on an interesting innovation by American Nvidia partner Galaxy - a single-slot GeForce GTX 460.

Sources indicate that the card is likely to feature a full 1GB of GDDR5 which will be running at its standard speed of 3.6GHz (effective). Even better news is that Galaxy has managed to maintain the 675MHz GPU core frequency and the 1,350MHz stream processor clock of the GF104 chip that sits at the heart of the GTX 460. This is no mean feat given the slim dimensions of the cooler.

The pictures show the cards decked out with Galaxy branding, but this is likely to change for the European market as Galaxy uses its KFA2 sub-brand over here. The cooler in the picture certainly maintains the pseudo-military styling of other KFA2 cards we've seen over the last few months.

Our minds obviously leap to the folding farm possibilities this card opens up. You could squeeze seven of these babies into the already epic EVGA Classified SR-2 to create a folding behemoth, though there are plenty of other applications for such a powerful and slim card.

Owners of small form factor cases should be excited, for example, while owners of older motherboards or those wishing to squeeze SLI in amongst their other expansion cards should also take note.

Single-slot GeForce GTX 460 photos appear Galaxy Prepping Single Slot GTX 460s

Galaxy has been coy on pricing so far, but it's not unreasonable to expect the card to cost a bit more than the typical £155 of a standard dual-slot card. The single-slot cooler will likely contain more expensive materials, after all. Fortunately the company was willing to give some slightly more solid details about its launch window and revealed that it plans to have the card on shelves by December.

Are you limited to a single-slot card in your current set up or are you salivating at the folding possibilities the card opens up? Let us know in the forums.
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