Firefox 1.0.4 released

Written by Rich Taylor

May 12, 2005 | 19:06

Tags: #firefox #internet-explorer #patch #private-browsing #update #vulnerability

Companies: #mozilla

The Firefox team today announced the release of version 1.0.4 of the increasingly popular browser. This release fixes a number of vulnerabilities, mostly involving issues with Javascript support which we recently reported on.

The enthusiast community is still complaining at the lack of a 'proper' Firefox update tool, however. Users currently have to download an entire new installer package and perform a full re-install to update Firefox. This annoyingly leaves unused registry entries hanging around, as well as a full list of previously installed versions of Firefox listed in Windows' Add/Remove Programs tool.

It is rumoured that Firefox 1.1 will support a patch-update system, however there have been no comments made by the Firefox team on this issue. Also rumored to be arriving in 1.1 is faster page rendering, better tab management and a 'Sanitize' tool, much like Safari 2's recent addition of 'Private browsing'. 'Sanitize', like 'Private Browsing' makes sure no trace of what you've been up to on the web is left on your hard drive.

Despite the recent bug coverage of Firefox, it is still continuing to enjoy continued success across the internet. The Register recently reported that in a survey of 168,000 internet users, Firefox had taken yet more of IE's market share. IE lost another 2%, whilst Firefox managed to reach double percentage figures, over 10% of users. Currently, analysts suggest that Firefox could feasibly take up to 25% of the browser market, especially as Microsoft continues to struggle to hold off anti-trust investigations.
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