AMD: EVGA wanted to sell ATI cards (Updated)

August 2, 2008 | 11:08

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According to AMD, EVGA approached it with the intention of selling Radeon graphics cards but AMD turned them down. AMD's top brass casually told us yesterday that "[it] only needs eight partners" and that it doesn't want to damage the loyalty between them and itself after they've stuck by AMD through rough (HD 2900 XT) and the smooth (HD 4000-series).

Recently AMD has taken on Gainward Palit... no, wait, Gainward, as another partner but this was a strategic move for specific regions only.

AMD considers its world-wide coverage already sufficient and further saturating the market with yet another "sticker on generic product" doesn't do anyone any favours - with this sentiment we completely agree.

(Very) Unofficially, AMD said the only Nvidia partner it would want to work with was BFG in the States, but it couldn't see that happening either. Well, it all depends on how much profit margin Nvidia lets its board makers have in the future, otherwise they might see AMD or Intel's Larrabee become an attractive (or inevitable for survival) option.

Would you like to see EVGA ATI Radeon cards? Do you like the current AMD partner range - are there too many or too few? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.

Addendum 5th August 2008: EVGA has made an official statement about this matter refuting the claim made by AMD that EVGA approached it, instead EVGA claims it to be the other way around:

"AMD Channel Senior Account Manager on West Coast (of USA) had requested me to arrange a meeting with our president and CEO in April 2007, however we declined the request in lieu of our business decision.

We continue to be very satisfied with our business relationship with NVIDIA, and have no plans to build any graphics cards beyond NVIDIA."
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