Europe gets stiffed again - this time it's Zune

Written by Wil Harris

October 31, 2006 | 12:28

Tags: #2008 #delay #zune

Companies: #europe #microsoft

Microsoft is getting geared up to launch its iPod competitor, the Zune, in time for Christmas this year over in the US.

But music enthusiasts in Europe can relegate the Zune to the same list as the PS3 - the one marked "See it in 2007".

Microsoft has told MCV that they have no content partnerships in place for Europe. This means that they are yet to go and license any music for distribution in the UK, meaning they can't sell it. Indeed, it hasn't even appointed a team to work on the Zune in the UK.

These factors mean that Brits are unlikely to see the Zune until Christmas 2007 at the earliest - and more likely early 2008. Those enterprising customers who import players from the States could find that the music service won't allow them to purchase content with a British credit card, as with the iTunes video store (although the iTunes music store has had a UK version for quite a while).

So, between the PS3, the closure of Lik-Sang and now this, it seems that we are in for a rather boring Christmas. On the bright side, Apple has told bit-tech that it is getting ready to launch its TV and Movie stores here at the beginning of this year. At least one company wants our money!

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