EU Imposes Duty on Big LCDs

Written by Brett Thomas

December 21, 2005 | 11:35

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The EU as a whole is set to impose a 14% tariff on all LCD screens 19" and larger that are not produced within the EU. The increase is a result of legislation signed in 2004 to support European manufacturers, but up until now only the Netherlands had imposed it.

According to The Register, when the Netherlands imposed their tariff, Germany (which has a zero duty import law) became a hotspot for importing the screens, which were then shipped over. This new law will now affect ALL LCD screens purchased throughout Europe, including larger LCD televisions. Most of the LCDs in the EU are imported, though manufacturer LG still makes some in Wales.

Though 'keeping jobs at home' is a noble cause, it has been proven time and again in economic theory that tariffs are largely not beneficial in a world economy. With that in mind, is the EU really helping its citizens in the long term, or its coffers in the short term? With the older CRTs dying out and people moving to upgrade computers and televisions to digital technology, it seems a bit like just cashing in on a beeded product.

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