EPIA is 5

Written by Wil Harris

February 14, 2007 | 10:28

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VIA is going nuts to celebrate the 5th birthday of its Mini-ITX platform!

The super-small form factor has powered more than a few case mods over the five years it's been in existence, spawning a number of dedicated sites including our favourite, Mini-ITX.com, which has a comprehensive case mod gallery. We're actually big fans of the EPIA Alloy mod, by bit-tech stalwart GoTaLL, which you can see on the right.

Well, what would a birthday be without some competitions? In the traditional fashion, VIA is sponsoring a case mod competition over at VIA Arena, where readers can vote for their favourite mods amongst those on show. The winner gets a Pico-PSU and the latest EPIA EX board, which is not a shabby prize by any means.

If you're not much of a modder, you can also win prizes by photographing a Mini-ITX board in a bizarre situation. You can enter this compo over at EPIA Center - get your PhotoShop skillz going!

We happen to have a very cool EPIA mod coming up in the coming months here at bit-tech. You'll have to stay tuned but, dang, is it looking nice already!

Let us know your EPIA thoughts over in the forums.
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