Enermax to shut up shop in the UK

October 27, 2008 | 13:25

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We've just had confirmation that Enermax will shut its UK base of operations entirely within the next few months. Distribution will continue with a single supplier, but there will no longer be a UK RMA base, so should your Enermax PSU go wrong it'll cost that much more to return abroad in years two and three.

As consumer purchasing is down due to the current state of the UK economy, and how generally expensive it is to operate here, we can sympathise to some degree. We heard from the UK office, based in Milton Keynes, that it was looking for a rehousing to a smaller premises, but within the last few days this decision has turned into a complete termination instead.

At a time when we were looking forward to the new Revolution 85+ PSU to spice things up in the high end, it seems the once dominant power supply company is having a tough time in a UK PSU market overflowing with new brands.

The company has dropped its line of cases in the UK, instead recently investing in the Globe Fan factory in southern China and since CeBit this year it has now started selling its Twister fans, among others, as a sideline to its PSUs.

While I'm sure those who have been in the game long enough will have owned at least one Enermax PSU along the way, the simple fact is that power supplies have lost their premium appeal to some degree and are now considered by many to be a commodity product. Buying an "ample" 500-850W PSU that's at least 80 Plus certified is not difficult or even expensive.

Without the advantage of its UK site, we can only hope that Enermax drops its prices to be more competitive in the market, and/or offer a five year warranty to match the competition. The only PSU companies left with a UK base is currently Akasa, Hiper (across the road from Enermax, who actually originally started out in the UK) and Nanopoint who serves Tagan, Silverpower, Etasis and Seasonic.

Naturally, we also wish those losing their jobs at Enermax UK all the best in future endeavours.

How do you feel about the possible outcome for Enermax? Let us know in the forums.

Update - 14:30, 27th October 2008:
Despite everything we've heard from a few well placed sources, Enermax has contacted us directly to point out that the company will continue to have a UK-based agent to handle RMAs, but didn't rule out a complete closure in the long term. The Enermax representative also highlighted that any decision with regards to the UK office's status hasn't yet been made and won't be until the company makes an official announcement.

However, the spokesperson did admit that a significant reduction in costs and workforce was necessary to remain competitive. So maybe it's not as bad as we originally feared and a level of customer service will be maintained in the long run. Unfortunately though, having seen similar workforce reductions in the past at other companies, we can't help but think this is the first sign of more problems ahead for the Enermax UK team.

Addendum 27th February 2009: Enermax Germany has asked us to publish an official statement regarding its commitment to the UK market:

“Since December 1st 2008 Enermax has adjusted its operating strategy for the UK market, Enermax would mainly concentrate on the marketing and brand promotion while the regular business operations would be handled by the authorized general distributor, named C&J Computers. Our general distributor is responsible for product selling & delivery (to distributor, retailer and online shops), product support, warranty and after-sales service.

All former Enermax's UK customers can approach C&J Computers for purchasing Enermax products.

Enermax products from our well known Pro82+, Modu82+ series to the new LibertyECO and as well the high performance PSU Revolution85+ will be still available for end customers all over UK.

For any product and RMA information please refer to our new UK website on:


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